Challenge of Halloween

Challenge of Halloween

Was that you I saw standing in the candy aisle at the grocery store with a confused look on your face? That, is the Challenge of Halloween. Halloween brings out the nutritional worst in us, doesn’t it? I know people who say, “Come on! It’s one day a year! What’s wrong with giving kids a little candy?” Nothing if it’s a little candy.

Have you seen a trick-or-treat bag at the end of visits to local homes and businesses? Each little, tiny piece of candy is in there with dozens of other little tiny pieces—all sugary and gooey, just waiting to add calories and tooth cavities, no matter how you try to dole them out one or two pieces at a time.

It really is time to stop and think before you buy! What other snacks, such as nuts, raisins or crackers can you give out instead? Or even, what non-edible treat can you give? Take a look around the non-candy aisle (at this time of year it is AISLES) and see what other small fun Halloween items there are.

What? You don’t want to be the most unpopular house on the block? Think of it this way—you will be one of the most health-promoting houses on the block. Or, to up your popularity with at least your own kids and their friends, give a party. Then you can go wild with tasty and healthy Halloween treats that you make yourself. You can make your own Trail Mix or I’ve included a few examples that don’t need instructions.  Just look at the photo and create your masterpiece.

Oh, my aching bones!
Keeping our bones heathy and strong is important for all ages.
Pepper Octopus Dip
Next time a dip is on the menu, change it up and add an pepper octopus.
Boo Berry Ghost
Booberry Ghost. Ingredients: Pineapple, Blueberries and Kiwi

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