Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions - What's Yours?
Christmas Traditions – What’s Yours?

A “christmas tradition” means snow, right? And cut out sugar cookies, right? And turkey? No wait—ham. And . . .well, it’s really kind of impossible to define a traditional christmas for everyone. It’s more fun to discover what a wide variety of christmas traditions there are. Ask anyone to finish the sentence “It wouldn’t be the christmas without. . . ,” and the answers are diverse and interesting.

While some answers will include a favorite christmas carol, or a certain board game, most answers about christmas traditions will be about food. Your dinner ham is someone else’s salt cod. Recipes for eggnog are all the “real” one. Do you want your cookies very spicy or very sugary? Which spice means christmas for you anyway? For some it has to be cinnamon, but growing up in my house it was cardamom. That’s a tradition I’ve kept, but another one—pickled herring—I’ve left to other families. Instead, I look forward to tamales. I don’t make them, but my neighbor from Mexico does and she’s generous.

Here’s a chance for you to be generous. Share a favorite christmas tradition—especially a traditional recipe—with everyone reading this blog. Type it up and email it to me. I’ll recap and send a followup blog the week of December 20.

In the meantime, here’s a favorite recipe of mine is Cranberry Sauce with Red Wine and Oranges. If you don’t like or never tried cranberry sauce, this recipe will change your mind! It is easy and works great as a leftover served on a turkey or ham sandwich or even on a serving of ice cream. Did I mention that it is made in the crockpot!!!!

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