Crockpot Christmas

Crockpot Christmas Dinner with Appetizer – Recipes follow.

I’ve hosted several Crockpot Cooking Classes these past few months and I started thinking that it might be fun to have a Crockpot Christmas Dinner.  This is a term I created. Crockpot Christmas Dinner simply means that all the dishes for christmas dinner are made in crockpots.

When some people think of using a crockpot, they think it is a ‘dated’ way to easily prepare meals. But, when I think of cooking with my crockpot(s) during the holidays, I think of my family and our christmas traditions.  I grew up in a loving home that was full of christmas cheer, laughter and a time to hang out with my parents and siblings.  Before and during the christmas holiday, we baked dozens of cookies, made homemade candies and spent endless hours playing in the snow.  Then, we enjoyed our treats while playing cards and board games.

This year, consider creating a new tradition, make a Crockpot Christmas Dinner.  You’ll have more time to enjoy with loved ones. After a dinner like this there will be few pots and pans to wash, and probably very few leftovers. Another way to introduce Crockpot Christmas Dinner would be to include some friends in the preparation. Send a different recipe to each person and invite them bring the finished dish in the crockpot so everything will be warm for your dinner party. Or, if you have time for a longer gathering, have guests each bring a crockpot, provide ingredients for each dish and spend time preparing dinner together.

I’ve included recipes that will equal one delicious meal, with everything prepared in crockpots.  While your recipes are slow cooking, remember to include an appetizer.  How about making the Broccoli Tree or the Holiday Wreath below:

Veggie Holiday Wreath
Ingredients: Broccoli, Red and Green Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Cheese or Star Fruit and Hummus or Dip

Turkey Breast, Slow and Easy

Old Fashioned Sage Stuffing Casserole

Yams with Coconut and Pecans

Cranberry Sauce with Red Wine and Oranges

Banana Cake with Pineapple

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