Dressing or Stuffing?

Dressing or Stuffing?

Oh my! What did I get myself into when I decided to write a blog discussing that holiday dinner favorite—stuffing. Or is it dressing? For a really fun time, pose this question to a group of adults from different backgrounds. If the group is gathered at a holiday dinner table eating turkey, the discussion can get even livelier.

If you think I’m exaggerating, just Google “dressing or stuffing?” You can spend hours reading all the arguments, word origins, geographic usages, etc. I did not spend hours, but I did spend more time than I expected to.

Today’s conventional wisdom tells us not to put anything into the turkey’s cavity, for fear it won’t get hot enough and will harbor bacteria. Unfortunately, the flavor achieved by cooking the concoction of cubed bread, makes it very tempting to stuff the turkey cavity anyway. (I have a friend who says she’s been eating stuffing from inside the turkey for over sixty years and she’s just fine, thank you! But you follow your own conscience or taste buds.)

Another source of hot discussion is what recipe one should use for this side dish. Is your stuffing made with seasoned white bread cubes or with cubes of cornbread? Do you have oysters in yours or does that idea fill you with horror? No matter what you think is the “wrong” way to make it or call it, there is someone equally sure that is the right way!

Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, enjoy your time together with family and friends. And, most of all…


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