Snacks, All Dressed Up and Ready for a Party

Veggie Sticks in a Basket
Snacks, all dressed up and ready for a party!

Who said snacks have to be served on a plate?  How about this idea?

  • Clean your vegetables.
  • Slice and/or dice the veggies.
  • Place veggies in mason jars, glasses or other container you have.
  • Place in decorative container.
  • Add dips in jars with long serving spoons.
  • Voila!!!! You’ve done it!!!!

This took me no more than 15 minutes to prepare the snack with the dips.  For the dips, I made homemade hummus and homemade ranch dip.  If you’d like the recipes, email me.  I’d be happy to share.  You can also purchase healthy dips.  Just read the labels for ingredients.  And, remember to include your family or friends when preparing the snack.  The more the merrier!!

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