Eating Locally Produced Foods

Happy and Healthy is a home garden.
Eating locally produced foods is available in so many places. Closest of all, of course, is your own garden.

Eating locally produced foods is available in so many places. Closest of all, of course, is your own garden. If you are growing your own lettuce, carrots and tomatoes, you are tasting the freshest food of all. However, you don’t need to be a gardener to find fruits and vegetables produced close to home.

Visit a local Farmers’ Market. From small villages to big cities, Farmers’ Markets are everywhere! If there isn’t one in your town, check your local papers or websites of nearby towns to find out where and when these wonderful collections of fresh food vendors will be near you.

My hometown outdoor Farmer’s Market runs every Tuesday morning and Saturday morning from May until October. After that, a smaller winter version of the market moves indoors. Most markets have similar hours. The items you find at your market will depend on where you are in the USA, what crops are grown there and when they are in season. The selection changes as they crops grow. Markets usually also have fresh eggs, honey, jams and preservers, baked goods, sausages and even fresh chicken, beef or pork. This year, there is a booth selling home-made soaps at our market.

Harvest at Soulful Prairies
Soulful Prairies in Woodstock, IL, hosts a local CSA. Visit their website for details.

Buy a share in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm. For a designated amount of money, paid at the beginning of the growing season, you are contributing to the production of this year’s crops. As each vegetable and fruit is ready to eat, you will receive some of it. The farmer chooses what you receive in each delivery. Right now we’re enjoying wonderful lettuce, spinach, kale, assorted salad greens, and broccoli. We can’t wait to see what arrives in each new CSA bag.

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