Eating Seasonally

Asparagus - Spring vegetable
Asparagus is a low calorie vegetable packed with many nutrients.

A friend tells a story of an especially long and troubled winter several years ago. It seemed like the snow and cold would never end. One day she saw fresh asparagus at the grocery store and she burst into tears. She said, “I’m sure other shoppers thought I was crazy, but I was so happy I could have a real taste of spring at last.”

This was at a time when asparagus was only available for a few weeks in spring and summer in the Midwest. Isn’t it better now that we can find any food we want at any time of the year? Not really. Those fruits and vegetables we now see all-year-round are shipped in from California, Mexico or South America. Even the fact that they look so lovely and colorful is not good news. We are eating beautiful out-of-season foods because they have been preserved, frozen, dyed or treated with chemicals.

Consider eating with the seasons. To do this, you will eat foods grown closer to home—even locally. This means there will be times when you won’t eat certain foods; they will change places on your table as the seasons change.

Happy and Healthy is a home garden.
Happiness is a home garden.

The locally sourced foods you eat have far more nutrients and far more flavor. Which is the bigger sacrifice, really? Different foods in different seasons with full flavor and nutrition vs. any food we want any time with less flavor and nutrition? I’ve included an an interesting chart of when produce is in season in the USA. Reading it, eating with the seasons doesn’t seem so difficult!

Eating in season is eating locally grown foods at the time they are naturally ripe. These are general guidelines; local markets and weather conditions that will influence the seasonal selection. Fall is the time of year to incorporate Brussels Sprouts, Pumpkin and Winter Squash in your meal planning. You can visit my website for recipes


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