Education Programs

Education Programs

Joyce demonstrating many ways to use a mason jar.
Class Title: Mason Jar Mania
Location: DelWebb’s SunCity, Huntley

Lively Kitchens, Inc.offers a variety of programs that are engaging, interactive and provide practical approaches to enable the participants to apply the knowledge in their daily lives.  The programs vary in length and can be adapted for the audience.  Please contact Joyce Lande.

Being Prepared – 12 Staples for Busy Lives (60 minutes)

Finding yourself too busy to plan breakfast, lunch or dinner?  Discover the common staples for a healthy diet that provide nutrition and versatility for a variety of recipes.  Join us and learn to make more healthful, mindful and tasty food choices.  Recipes and cooking demonstrations are available. Please contact Joyce for details.

General Nutrition and Healthy Eating for Adults (60 minutes)

The benefits of good nutrition include increased mental acuteness, higher energy levels, having a positive outlook and staying emotionally balanced. The benefits of healthy eating include fresh, colorful food and enjoying it with family and friends. Join Joyce Lande, WellPRO Certified Wellness Coach, for tips to stay healthy from the inside out.  She will share nutrition and eating tips for a few or a family gathering.

Tips, Treats & Towers for Healthy Holidays (60 minutes)

Discover healthy ways to enjoy the holidays with tips that will inspire you to carry over into the New Year. Joyce will demonstrate how to make a Treat Tower that you can do on you own. You will take away great tips on surviving the holidays, tasty holiday recipes for your Treat Tower along with step-by-step instructions to make the tower at home.

Holly Jolly Healthy Holiday Tips (60 minutes)

As much as we look forward to holiday parties and dinners, many of us fear enjoying it too much – and packing on the pounds. This takes some planning and mindfulness. Join Joyce Lande, Certified WellPRO Wellness Coach. Discover ways to enjoy the holidays with healthy tips for yourself and your family. Participants will get recipes, tips for eating on-the-go and other tips to avoid enjoying the holidays too much!

Just the Two of Us – Recipes & Cooking Tips for 2 (60-90 minutes)

Cooking for 2 can be a difficult task.  To make it even more complicated, you want to insure that the choices are healthy, nutritious and tasty! How about tasty tips and perfectly portioned recipes for two servings! This means if you live with someone, your portions are set and dinner is served. If you live alone, you have dinner and leftovers for later in the week.  Join us and learn to make more healthful, mindful and tasty food choices. Recipes and cooking demonstrations are available. Please contact Joyce for details. 

Keepin’ It Lite (45 minutes)

This program is intended for anyone finding her/himself suddenly alone and unable to make time for maintaining a ‘healthy self’. Discussions about how to insure health needs are met during the program. Recipe ideas and single dining ideas are shared.  This program can be modified based on the individual or group’s needs. (Singles Group, Widows Group, Empty Nester, etc.)

Mason Jar Salad Party (60 minutes)

Learn about mason jar salads as Joyce helps you discover how to assemble convenient, fresh and healthy salads for lunch or dinner. This can be a workshop where attendees create their own Mason Jar Salads or a demonstration.  

Quick and Healthy Lunches (Adults, 60 minutes)

Tired of seeing have the same old lunch routine? HUNGRY to learn how to pack eye-popping and nutritious lunches? Tips on packing lunches that will guarantee you will be satiated, content and energized.

Singin’ the Lunchbox Blues (60 minutes)

Tired of seeing uneaten lunches at the end of the school day. HUNGRY to learn how to pack eye-popping and nutritious lunches? Join Joyce Lande, Wellness Coach & Nutrition Advisor for tips on packing a lunch that will guarantee your student(s) will be happy and healthy. We will have interactive games. If you would like to participate in the games, please bring a lunchbox.

 Shortcuts (60 minutes)

Time! There is so little of it when you are hungry and need to put a nutritious meal or snack together. Joyce Lande, Happy and Healthy Lifestyles, invites you to join her for a class dedicated to creating shortcuts for food prep at home and when you are out and about and need to get a meal together really fast. Recipes will be shared and samples will be provided.

Sidekicks, the Co-stars (60 minutes)

We can always think of the SUPERHEROES or STARS at dinner time – you know, the proteins. So what about the SIDEKICKS or CO-STARS? These are the vegetables that should accompany a protein at meal or snack time. Sidekicks should also get top billing! Join Joyce Lande, Happy and Healthy Lifestyles, as this class dedicated to the dinner co-stars. Joyce will share suggestions for side dishes to accompany the protein Superhero. Recipes will be shared and samples will be provided.

Snack Happy And Healthy (60 minutes)

Discover ways for your family to make, enjoy or find EASY healthy snacks. You will learn: how to find alternative snacking foods for you and family members, how to identify foods that sabotage weight loss and your health and how to increase energy levels. Fun and easy tips will be shared on creating healthy snacks and a backup plan if you are in a hurry and want a quick bite.

Snack Tips for Summer Road Trips (60 minutes)

School is out and that means it is time for fun summer road trips! Plan ahead to make sure that when you stop to fill up the tank you’re also filling up on healthy, rather than energy zapping, snacks. Not sure what to pack? Discover how to find, make and enjoy easy healthy snacks for yourself and your family. Participants will get easy portable recipes and other tips to avoid a road trip disaster. (This can be modified to accommodate a road trip for any time of year.)

Solo Cooking (90 minutes)

At one time in our life or another we will find it necessary to go solo in the kitchen. whether it’s boredom from eating out, economical or you want to know exactly what you are putting in your body. This class focuses on mastering the mechanics of solo cooking: deciding the menu, doing the shopping, preparing meals, wise storage tips, shortcuts and techniques when you’re cooking alone. Recipes and cooking demonstrations are available.

Take Your Crockpot To Dinner (90 minutes)

Do you have a crockpot that hasn’t seen daylight for months or years? Would you like to dust if off and learn how to make a meal that is ready to eat when you walk in the door after a busy day? Let’s get cookin’ with your crockpot. This class is appropriate for all skill levels, covers crockpot food preparation, basic usage tips, and recipes.

Wellness Tips for Healthy Kicks (60 minutes)

Packing healthy snacks for lunch or a busy day is an easy way to stay focused on good health habits.

You Are One Smart Cookie – Brain Health (60-90 minutes)

Brain Balls
Brain Balls are packed with walnuts a source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Science shows that the Mediterranean Diet reduces inflammation, regulates blood sugar, promotes heart health and is now discovering that it may have an effect on delaying the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Join us and learn to make more healthful, mindful and tasty food choices for a HEALTHY BRAIN and HAPPY SELF.  Recipes will be shared.


Nourish Your Body 

3-5 classes. Each class is 60 minutes of nutrition education. This program is ideal for students age 12-18 or families. Fees are based on number of classes in a series and length of each class.

Nutrition and Movement 

4-8 classes. Each class includes 30-45 minutes of nutrition education and 30-45 minutes of gentle movement or activity. Topics include but not limited to: Heart Health, Brain Health, Posture, Balance, Relaxation, Support Systems, Digestion and Detoxification. Fees are based on number of classes in a series and length of each class.