Giving Thanks

Somewhere I read that Thanksgiving Day is “easy” because you don’t have to buy gifts for it. Well, it’s true we don’t, but we certainly have Thanksgiving shopping to do! We won’t be in the toy or candy department, but watch all of us home cooks (and for this day, quite a few only-occasional home cooks) cruising the aisles of the grocery store.

Thanksgiving Dinner
Giving Thanks. A family tradition for me is asking my dinner guests what their favorite Thanksgiving food. Then, I find a recipe and add it to the menu. So, needless to say, we have new and savory dishes every year.

It seems that no matter your ethnic background or nationality, Thanksgiving Day involves cooking a special meal and sharing it with family and friends. Some of us have absolutely no menu planning to do–the menu has been set in stone for years, and we dare not even tweak it a little. Others of us stick to the basic turkey but try our creative wings on the rest of the meal.
Whether we serve turkey, tamales or tofu, the theme of the day is gratitude. Some families even have each person at the dinner table name something they are thankful for. However, don’t wait till dinner to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.

As you look around your kitchen, smell the turkey roasting, check the yeast rolls to see if they’ve risen, peel the potatoes and cool the pies, let your heart be thankful.¬†Enjoy the day and all you’ll do to prepare it.

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