Grocery List Must Have

Your thoughts? Grocery List Must Have or Do Without?

Do I really need to tell you how important a shopping list is? Are you one of those people who can remember everything they need for the coming week from the grocery store without a list? Of course, you aren’t. There are no such people!

People who say they don’t need a list are whistling in the wind. The trouble is, that same wind will be blowing lots of money right out the window. Grocery stores are arranged to help you think of the different categories of food items. Do you believe this is true? Not so much!! Stores are arranged so the most essential items are located at the end of aisles past very non-essential “splurge” items. Everyone needs milk and bread and eggs, but do you find them near the front door? Of course, not! They are at the back of the store. The non-essential items are rarely found on someone’s list. The non-essential items are tossed into the grocery cart without even thinking of how expensive they are or how laden with sugar and preservatives.


It’s time to get back to basics. We need lists to remember the essential items and remind us to skip the non-essential items. But there are lists and there are great lists! My grocery list template has gone thru many revisions.  I’ve found this to be user-friendly and it fit nicely in my pocket or purse. Let me show you how to create a great Weekly Menu & Grocery List Template.

Section 1

Weekly Menu

  • Note Date and What’s for Dinner
  • Recipe (note where the recipe was found – Cookbook Name and page
  • Notes (Example: Home at various times. Make in the crockpot.)

Section 2

Grocery List  (Shop Pantry and Refrigerator / Go Shopping / Notes Items needing Prepping, etc.)

  • Meat
  • Frozen
  • Grains & Canned Goods
  • Refrigerated
  • Fruits/Vegetables
  • Misc. Items

Section 3

The Reverse Side

  • Use this side to list errands or ToDs
  • Use this side to draw, doodle, etc.

When it is time to do the shopping, I fold the weekly menu over and then fold the grocery list in half. This way the grocery list is easy to hold, fits nicely into a pocket or purse.


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