Grocery List or No?
Grocery List or No?

Oh, for the days of yore! Shopping was so simple then. One walked up to a counter and read off items from a list. The shopkeeper located each item on the shelves behind him and set it on the counter. He weighed out the flour or sugar you wanted before your eyes. You could decide what to make with it on your own. There were no packages of cookies to select, no cans of soup, two flavors of cheese, perhaps—not an entire wall of cheeses! The shopkeeper moved around while the shopper stood still!

Of course, there were more problems than advantages to that kind of shopping but there’s a certain appeal for me sometimes as I step up to the checkout counter and the clerk asks, “Did you find everything you need?” Or, I think to myself: “Well, do I need all this? How much of this wasn’t even on my list? What about all the things I forgot? Why bother making a list at all? I’m the one moving around, so I’ll just pick things up as I see them.

A Menu & Grocery List is key to insure you have the necessary ingredients and to insure you don’t spend too much money on groceries.

If you would like help creating a weekly menu plan and grocery list, contact the Kitchen Coach for a consultation.

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