Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets

I once read about a chef who claimed he did all of his cooking with only the following items: one medium saucepan, one medium skillet, one high quality chef’s knife, one equally good paring knife, one wooden spoon and one wire whisk. The article claimed he cooked in a tiny New York apartment on a two-burner stove. This is not a man who is fond of kitchen gadgets!

But many of us are. And indeed, there are some wonderful ones. There are also some that sounded or looked wonderful when advertised, but have disappointed upon use. I am not going to give you lists of “good” and “useless” kitchen gadgets because the ones you use all the time are clearly really good for you, and you already know about the useless ones. There are also the ones that are really good when you need them, but that is not all the time.

I received a few new kitchen gadgets this holiday season. And, I purchased a few for myself. Did you receive any wonderful new small appliances, new tools or handy kitchen helpers as holiday gifts this year? Or—let’s face it—have you purchased some for yourself recently? Then it’s possible you are facing the dilemma of where to put them.

These gadgets do have a way of causing cluttered countertops, jammed drawers and jumbled kitchen cabinets. So we have an obvious project for the new year. Take a good look at each gadget in your kitchen and decide if you will keep it close at hand, store it farther away till you need it, or even (gasp!) remove it from your kitchen.

Before you start to ponder where to place your cherished and infrequently gadgets, take a look at a few of my favorites.  You may want to add to the collection before you figure out how and where to store them!

A grapefruit spoon is so versatile. Use it to remove seeds from squash, canteloupe and to remove seeds from tomoatoes

Grapefruit Spoon – This is a great tool that can be used for so many more things than prepping a grapefruit for breakfast. I’ve used it to un-seed tomatoes and remove seeds from butternut squash.


Need help figuring out how to convert tablespoons to teaspoons, etc. Use this!

Well, I don’t really know what this is called but I love it. There are so many instances when I have to convert an recipe from ounces to cups, etc.  I just use this handy thing-a-ma-bobber and I have the correct portions in my recipe.

Immersion Blender – This has been a life saver for my hands! I no longer have to dirty the blender when I make my wonderful soups. I simply immerse the blender in the soup and VOILA. The soup is beautifully pureed and ready to eat.  It is great when making homemade ketchup too.

Mason Jars – These babies are so versatile. I use them to prepare salads for busy days or for catering events. And, I use them to store so many leftovers.  They are good to put leftovers in, fresh soup, vegetables, fruit… the list goes on.

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