Mighty Spears – Asparagus

There was a time when the arrival of asparagus at produce markets was considered as much as sign of the arrival of Spring as the first robin or the crocus pushing up from the earth. Now that we can purchase this funny-looking vegetable fresh all year long, its arrival in Spring might not seem so exciting.

Asparagus - Spring vegetable
Asparagus is a low calorie vegetable packed with many nutrients.

Well, wake up and greet these locally grown spears! There is a difference in the asparagus we find in the months of Spring. It was grown where we live and hasn’t travelled as far as its winter cousins from warmer climes. It is younger, fresher, and tastier.
All asparagus—whether locally grown or not, whether green or white or purple—looks like armored spears. This is a rare instance when a vegetable’s shape is a symbol of its power. Asparagus is a fighter.

Asparagus Soup
What a refreshing soup! Serve it with a side salad, brown ride or quinoa. The options are limitless.

Look at all the nutrients in asparagus: It has vitamins A, B6, and C, not to mention folic acid, calcium, iron, thiamin, potassium and fiber. It also is high in glutathione, a micronutrient that defends the body against viruses and some types of cancer. The only thing asparagus does not have in abundance is calories. A one-ounce spear has 6 calories. You do the math for the number of spears you usually serve per person. That’s low in calories indeed!

Asparagus Bouquet is a different type of bouquet. Do you eat it or keep in in a mason jar?
Asparagus Bouquet is a different type of bouquet. Do you eat it or keep in in a mason jar?

Asparagus is an versatile meal companion.  You can serve it in a salad, as a soup, as an appetizer or roasted and served for dinner with an entree.

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