Onion, A Functional Vegetable

Onions – A functional vegetable.

Perhaps it isn’t fair to call the onion “lowly,” but it certainly is common to so many recipes that we might not think much about it as an individual ingredient. Just go to the vegetable bin and grab one, right? You always have some stored there.

If you do, it’s best to store yellow onions in quantity. This is sort of the “work horse” of onions. It’s got thicker skin and it works best for cooking. It has the most balance between sweetness and astringency, so it can be eaten raw, but it becomes sweeter the longer it cooks.

Purchase one or two white, red or sweet onions as you need them. Each is for more specific uses. White onions have thin, paper skin. They have sharper more pungent flavor than yellow onions, so also white onions are a good choice for cooking. Many people also choose them for salsa preparations that call for raw onions.

Red onions can be cooked, but their color washes out, so why use them that way? They are so beautiful and delicious in salads and other recipes calling for raw onions.

The most common kind of sweet onion is the Vidalia onion. Sweet onions are more delicate, so sweet onions need to be stored in the refrigerator. They are just what their name says—sweet, and delicious sliced on sandwiches and salads. For more information visit onions

Now that you know a little about onions, do you know how to slice and onion? If you do not or would like to refresh your skills, click here.  And, next is a recipe. Why not start out with these. And, post your cooking successes to my Facebook page.



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