Sidekicks—Dinner Co-Stars

Sidekicks – Dinner CoStars

We can always think of the SUPERHEROS or STARS at dinner time. You know, the proteins. So, what about the SIDEKICKS or CO-STARS? Without these side dishes, our meals would never be balanced. While protein is an important food group that has many lovely members such as chicken, beef, pork and fish, we cannot eat any protein alone and have a balanced meal.

You know the five food groups that make a meal balanced: Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Proteins and Dairy products. The goal is to include as many food groups in each meal as possible—preferably all five. You can see why side dishes need to be meal co-stars.

Probably we can all think of good side dishes for big meals. Potatoes, vegetables, dinner rolls and a fruit salad to go with a roast or a chicken are typical for us. Stews and that stir fries that include meat or tofu along with vegetables are usually served over pasta, rice or potatoes. If we add some grated cheese all we’re missing is the fruit group—easily included as a salad or a dessert.

SideKicks – Dinner CoStars When planning dinners or lunch, remember the side-kicks. Represent foods from each food group.

But have you thought about making lunch balanced? Does a sandwich really need a side dish? Well, maybe not a dish, but certainly a side-kick. A sandwich is typically a protein between two pieces of bread (the grain.) There might be a piece of lettuce, which could be a vegetable if it is actually eaten, but some carrot sticks might be a better choice. When you pack a piece of cheese or some yogurt you have added dairy. These side-kicks make lunches balanced, too.

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