Singin’ the Lunch Box Blues? –Change Your Tune!

Singin' the Lunchbox Blues
Singin’ the Lunch Box Blues? Change Your Tune

Remember your plan? The one you made last summer for how you would send your family to school and work with healthy, appealing lunches in trendy lunch bags or boxes? You would make them in the evening and have them neatly packed and ready near the door for them to pick up as they strolled out to the school bus or car pool.

How’s that going for you? It’s only October, but many lunch boxes are already dented or lids are missing from thermos bottles. There are very few leisurely strolls out the door in the morning. Mad dashes seem to be the norm. None of that matters, however, if the lunches they grab are healthy, filling, and appealing. Furthermore, “healthy, filling and appealing” only matter if the lunches you pack actually get eaten.

Visit a school lunch room, if you dare. A glance into a waste can reveals alarming amounts of wasted food–apples and sandwiches with one bite taken, bags of healthy snacks unopened and discarded. Watch the children trade carrot sticks for candy bars (because there ARE kids who really want carrot sticks, probably because they rarely get them). We all know the tune to the “Lunch Box Blues.”

Lunchbox Blues Workstation.
Lunchbox Blues Workstation.

That’s why I’ve developed a workshop called “Singin’ the Lunch Box Blues.” I’ve presented it several times and it’s been very well received. People have reported that they learned a lot, got some new ideas and had some fun. I break down the process of lunch prep into doable steps, offer ideas for times when you’re in a rush but still want to eat healthy and give examples of different menus for packed lunches. You will be singin’ a happier tune by the time you leave this workshop.

This workshop is ideal for elementary school children, girl / boy scout troops, sports clubs and fitness centers.  A easy-to-follow brochure is available too.  Contact me to schedule a workshop or receive a copy of the brochure.

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