Step Into the New Year

step into the new year

The Holidays of many faiths and cultures all converge at the end of December and then we all step into the New Year together. I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy some of the best foods of your own culture and maybe those of a few others. I hope your holiday tables have been abundant with good food and, even more, with good company. In these last days of December, we’ve watched the days get as short as they will be. Even now, they are starting to get longer—ever so slowly.

Step Into The New Year

May the contrast of darkness and light in your life bring the glow of candles and twinkling lights on trees. May the cold of the season bring you to the joy of cocoa, mittens, hot soup and warm bread.

May your memories of past happiness overshadow any past or present sadness.

May the music of the season and the laughter of children bring joy and peace to your heart.

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I look forward to bringing you more thoughts, ideas and recipes in 2018.

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