Testimonials speak volumes.  See what Joyce Lande’s Lively Kitchens customers have to say.

Usana Health Sciences

  • “The Procosa supplement has changed my daily life. The lower back pain I had regularly experienced since the birth of my last child has subsided drastically, if not almost completely! The renewed energy that I feel I have gained through taking otherUSANA supplements is tremendous. I am an avid fan!” – Kristin P.
  • “I am sooo pleased with my vitamins and supplements!!! I recently had blood work done and my Doctor said to continue with anything that I am taking!!! My calcium levels also increased!!! I take no other medication!! Just Usana Thank you again for keeping me Healthy!!” – Eileen Fricke
  • “This has been a very challenging day and I DID IT! I had to bake chocolate chip cookies for Maureen to take to a party at her work. I had told her I’d do it cuz I’m a much better baker than she is. But then I started RESET, so figured I’d tell her to do it herself. This morning she woke up with a swollen, gross looking sore throat. She can’t bake and give cookies to people when she has a throat like that. So I made them after all. And I amazed myself. I always lick the bowl and eat at least a cookie’s worth of raw dough. Today: NONE. It wasn’t hard at all. I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t crave the cookie dough even though I was dropping it onto cookie sheets. The finished cookies are ALL packaged up for her party. I didn’t eat even a bite of one. One of the best things is that this food tastes so good. I love all three powdered drinks and the protein bars are heavenly! Thanks for helping me get started.” – Peg Bowman

Usana Health Sciences & Coaching

  • As a leadership consultant who is committed to walking the talk, it’s important for me to have resources in my life that keep me well. The healthier I am, the better I am at being a wife, step-mom, business owner, new mom and community leader.I recently stepped away from nutrition shakes. There are often so many additional ingredients that concern me as a breast-feeding mother. I was delighted to find Joyce’s product. With confidence, I knew that it was good for me and for my daughter. The shakes are delicious and so easy to make. While Joyce had sent me many recipes to make the shakes even more delicious – I found that they were refreshing as is.I also appreciate Joyce’s superb customer service. She helped me get signed up in less than 5 minutes and the shakes arrived two days later. I also value that it is Joyce’s passion to bring health to families. In addition to her work with USANA, she has a portfolio of options/classes to bring greater health to your world. Melanie Perry, MA
  • I am so happy with the RESET and weightloss program. I went to the thrift store and got a size 10 pair of jeans. My weight has stayed between 143-148. I have not wore size 10 since 1969! I am maintaining now and feeling great! Theresa

Usana Health Sciences & RESET

  • Joyce: “How did you do with the 5 Day Sugar Buster RESET?
    Client: “Very well! I love how light I feel (because I am not bloated or overeating). Thank you for following up with me.” Beth

Joyce Lande

  • “I had to take a few moments to thank you for introducing me to Usana. The Sugar Bust was a lifesaver. I really appreciate the time you spent individualizing a plan for my needs and budget. That week, I lost 4 lbs but my bloat went away as did my one month Carb binge! I am not a regular weigh myself person, but I had a Dr’s appointment and I am down 20pounds since February. Yesterday, I attended a home clothing party, I replaced the same jeans that I purchased the end of March with another size smaller. So I was wearing a 20or 22 when I started and the new jeans (a bit snug) are a 16! I am currently having a shake for breakfast and one bar a day so I appreciate all of the recipes and helpful tips. You have definitely gone above and beyond my expectations, as has Usana. That company is blessed to have such a wonderful representative. With wishes for a healthful Sunday.” – Susie Duboe Bryant
  • “Joyce presented General Nutrition and Healthy Eating for Adults for us. Patrons appreciated her personable nature and the creative recipe ideas she shared with us.” –  Sue Riddle-Mojica, Adult Program Coordinator Huntley Public Library

Meal Planning Workshop

  • “Thank you so much for the treats that you sent with Erica today. We were giving you a hard time during your presentation, but thank you. I already had one and that is the perfect size to handle a sweet tooth. Also thank you for taking time out of your schedule to come talk to families and teachers from D200. You presented a lot of great information.”  – Jennifer McConnell, Physical Education Teacher Creekside Middle School
  • “As a working mom, planning meals and finding the time to grocery shop for all the needed items is not in my wheelhouse. Joyce is the saving grace for our family. Her nutritional knowledge and skilled preparation are a life saver in our busy lives. It is an investment not only in our health, but also in our time together as a family.” – Stacey Dougherty, Studio 2015 Jewelry