Virtual Training

Now, some of you may think using two 15-pound weights for a workout is nothing. Well, for me it was a whole lot of something!

Virtual Training
This is how I started my virtual training. Light weights and a little confidence.

I am fortunate to have a personal trainer that provides virtual training workout sessions with me. Jill Eggert, a personal trainer, and I have had regularly scheduled virtual training sessions (This is done via Skype or Facetime.  Jill calls me and as I work out she quides me through the workout.) for over a year. When I started training with Jill, I was weak and unable to do just about everything Jill asked me to do!

Virtual Training
One year later! I’ve moved up to 8 and 15 pound weights and considerably more confident with my personal strength and conditioning skills.

Now, I am stronger, slightly toned and confident knowing that as I continue to exercise in the virtual training sessions, I will continue to improve and grow stronger and confident.

As I was training with Jill in December of 2015 I was lifting two 15-pound weights and I thought to myself, ‘Wow! a few years ago I was carrying around an extra 15 pounds on a daily basis.  It is no wonder my joints were aching and I was so uncomfortable and unhappy.  Today, I am pleased that I can leave the weights in my workout area and not be burdened by the extra weight throughout the day.’  Thank you Jill for your support and guidance.


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